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Serious Cat? Is that you?

Ran into these today at FFFFOUND!, they immediately caught my eye because they remind me of this friend of mine that owns a cat mask and wears it out sometimes! Also… masks are cool, cats are cool, masks of cats are even cooler! Little did I know they would lead me to discover this amazing […]

Neon type!

Wonderful neon type treatments in the Spring 2009 issue of V Magazine.

AIGA Small Talk No. 7: Mario Hugo

Yesterday after school, I had quite a nice late afternoon/early evening. I walked around the West Village in the rain, listening to Fleet Foxes, stopped for a while to have a coffee and finally got some reading done (for thesis), then walked some more and stopped by a magazine shop and picked up the new […]

Plantin for Monocle

Monocle… Ahhh the smell of it! The feel of it’s paper, the look of it’s spreads and perfectly set type. I love it! I think its one of the best designed publications out there. “On the newsstand today there is no better example of elegant typographic restraint than Monocle… Other than the occassional decorative numeral, […]

Who is Max Kerning?

“Who I am is the opposite of an idiot. In other words, I am an anti-idiot. That is Max Kerning.” Via Design Observer.

Art & Copy

more about "Art & Copy", posted with vodpod More info here. Via Design Observer.

HBO’s Grey Gardens

UPDATE: Read this review of Drew’s performance on VSL.

You’ve summoned the Fail Whale!

more about "You’ve summoned the Fail Whale!", posted with vodpod

Sleep on it

Pillow Talk via WWD.

Time to move on?

I don’t know, I like how posters look when they’re being held up by someone and I can only see their shoes and their little fingers grasping on to the corners of the piece! It also solves the problem of scale (showing how big or small the poster is in real life) in an interesting […]