Monthly Archives: May 2009

Kitty Litter

Absolutely amazing accessories and jewelry from LITTER SF. I’d kill for this Scorpio ring. Thanks Cat! Advertisements


Put yourselves in our shoes. Via logocritiques on Twitter.

The Adventures of The Middleman

Pretty amazing what you can do with your middle finger, a little creativity and a sense of humor. The Middleman Flickr set.

Today’s FFFFIND!

TAR Magazine

This stopped me on my tracks walking back home one day. It’s pretty sick. Tar Magazine in The Cut.

Two things

1. 2. Self-explanatory. I have to present Thesis on Thursday and Survey on Friday, this post might be it for the week. Bah! See you in the weekend 🙂

What a character!

I’d love to have a giant letter like this in my room, just sitting there, on the floor… in a corner. SIGH. When company signs and logos are taken down, they get demolished. We recycle the characters into individual design objects. We dismantle the letters, clean them up, add a new transformer, LED lights and […]

10 type foundries…

…You need to know. Via Fleuron.

Deniz Marlali

Deniz was in my Type 2 class last Fall at Pratt Institute. She always delivered unique, elegant and modern results. This girl is going places! (Well, she’s kind of already at places… but you know what I mean) The image above was our second Type 2 project, a promotional piece for a typeface of our […]

We Love Typography

Rather than spend paragraphs explaining how and what it is, just take a look for yourselves. It’s like an FFFFound for type-related content, a type-themed delicious for the eyes. OMFG! Yay! Visit We Love Typography Via I Love Typography