Talento Nacional

So now that I’ve been spending some time in Panama, and I’ve rekindled my love and hope for the creative future of this wonderful land, I would like to show off some of my peeps’ work!

Marlene Franco is a Panamanian SCAD Alumni like me (Go Bees!), currently based in San Francisco, California. She not only is a very talented girl but also the sweetest person you’ll ever meet!

Marivi Gonzalez is my sister! My mentor, my guru, my best friend. Are you throwing up yet? Well, she’s also a designer and quite the talented photographer. Check out her folio.

Picture 1
Maria Gibbs is another SCAD alumni from Panama, also based in Cali. Santa Monica to be exact. She has such an eye for really special moments and exanges between people, and between her and her subjects.

el Revolver is where I’m currently working, during this summer. Founded by SCAD Alumni (yes, a lot of Scadinadians here!) Ricky Salterio and Peter Novey. For now they have their blog up, but the portfolio will be up soon! Stay tuned for some amazing, award winning work!

Finally, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Janet Albornoz but I do have one of her awesome hand-made pillows! Check out her blogs here and here.

Hope you enjoyed the work, and if you’re from Panama and would like to show me your blog or portfolio send me an email through my website 🙂



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    I agree on the whole perfect image issue :X

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    crap, I posted in the wrong category 😦

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