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The 50 States Project

Catching up on several blogs I hadn’t seen since my summer-long internet hiatus, I came across “The 50 States Project” on It’s Nice That. Stuart Pilkington invited one photographer from each State of the US to represent both their style and their State through a year-long project that includes several assignments (people, landscape, industry, habitat, […]

I am a weapon of massive consumption


What Design Can Do For YOU:

In designer Cardon Webb‘s personal project, cleverly called “Cardon Copy,” he redesigns found fliers, redistributes them in their original environment and asks questions like: How does this affect the message? Will it be more or less effective? Is the intensity magnified? Will the products sell better? One of the most successful ones is the “Exotic […]

Super8 is super great!

Currently listening to Little Joy’s debut album, it’s quite lovely… Specially the last track “Evaporar.” Little Joy on MySpace.

Actually considering it…

Funny, a few days ago I thought braiding half of my head would be an easy way to pull off the 90s asymmetrical hair without causing any permanent damage or change! I wouldn’t do the braids upwards, though. Definitely from the front of my head towards the back. Via The Sartorialist.

Today’s FFFFIND!

Lou Beach Superstudio These are really special. Photomontage and collage are possibly my favorite mediums. I love the surreal qualities of their outcomes.

Typographic Logo Inspiration

View all 72 here. Via @logocritiques.