What Design Can Do For YOU:

In designer Cardon Webb‘s personal project, cleverly called “Cardon Copy,” he redesigns found fliers, redistributes them in their original environment and asks questions like:

How does this affect the message?
Will it be more or less effective?
Is the intensity magnified?
Will the products sell better?

One of the most successful ones is the “Exotic Cat.” Some of the other designs take away from the message, but in this case the message is clear and the image is captivating.

These are just plain funny if you understand spanish! I guess the author was too lazy to look up the translation of “Basement” (sótano) and “Yard” (patio). “Yarda” is the spanish word for yard, as in the measurement unit. Webb also wrote “Disonible” instead of “Disponible,” and why is “Mudarse” in quotation marks? It’s not like it’s the only spanish word in the flier. Oh, and Cardon… you could’ve used a typeface with the letter “ñ,” they’re not that rare.

Anyway, “Cardon Copy” is a great experiment in testing the power of design and creating awareness about what design is and what it can do for anyone and anything!


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