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Helmut Lang Shirting Bayamo Blouse Jil Sander Lace up Advertisements

Empire State of Mind

Alright, I’ve been here for a while, but I still feel like one more ant in the hill… and I love it. Via FFFFOUND! PS: It’s a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s right?

How tall is he?

Via Le Love.

Design for Obama: The Book

Last year, Aaron Perry-Zucker created Design for Obama and invited graphic designers from around the world to design and submit a poster in support of then presidential candidate Barack Obama. The outpour of support was incredible. Thousands of designs were submitted (including my own!). This year, to commemorate the one year anniversary of Obama’s election, […]

For you sexy Scorpios

Today is the beginning of the Scorpio sign. Sexy, mysterious, creative, loyal, intuitive… Definitely the best sign of the zodiac! Flaunt it with a necklace from UO.


Today is my 25th birthday 🙂 Via FFFFOUND!

Today’s FFFFIND!

I think this will always give me the chills. Via…

Please, please, please…

…let me get what I want! Finsk Fur Pony Wedge Boot back in stock at Oak, for $562.00 — A girl can dream!

I saw the sign

God, The Universe, or The MTA sent me a sign… I have to admit, it worked. Just reading the word “optimism” made me feel better already. It’s NOT cool to have your Blackberry and iPod stolen by three teenage bitches on the week of your birthday, and then have your thesis presentation moved up 6 […]

El Terrible

A few months ago I was contacted by Rodrigo Fernandez, an artist from Guatemala City, who asked if I would like to participate in a new Fanzine he was launching together with three other artists over at Proyectos UltraVioleta. I agreed (duh!) and submitted the two collage pieces you see above. We really need channels […]