El Terrible

A few months ago I was contacted by Rodrigo Fernandez, an artist from Guatemala City, who asked if I would like to participate in a new Fanzine he was launching together with three other artists over at Proyectos UltraVioleta. I agreed (duh!) and submitted the two collage pieces you see above.
We really need channels and vehicles like that in Central America, who is lagging behind in the arts, compared to Mexico and South America.
The Fanzine is called El Terrible, and it’s launching today with an exhibition in Guatemala City.

Other artists participating are:

Benjamin Taillard aka Tenko (SWE)
Franklin Collao (Tijuana, MEX)
Lane Heraclitus (USA)
Natasha Agrama (USA)
Alejandro Torún (GUA)
Rodrigo Fuentes (GUA)
Stefan Benchoam (GUA)
Juan Brenner (GUA)
Oh! Lucy lucy (MEX)
Paula Arriola (ARG)
Byron Mármol (GUA)
Rodrigo Fernández (GUA)

UPDATE: View pictures of the launch event!


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