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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox this week, and I loved it! It was a tail of believing in yourself, accepting and loving who you are. It had beautiful photography, a great soundtrack, awesome miniature costume design, action, romance, comedy, drama, suspense… it was cussing amazing! I know how stop action animation is done, but […]

Alexzara Wang!

Thought the bag was Alexander Wang? Guess again! It’s Zara! Pictures from Stockholm Street Style and

Roller Derby

Have $995 to spare? Consider the Christian Louboutin Rollerball studded loafers! Images via LoveMore and Saks.


Thats what it would take for me to get this ‘do I’m so obsessed with, but I ain’t got ’em… At least not for hair, anymore… or… FOR NOW! Found these scans at LoveMore blog from Australia. Damn those Aussies, they’re taking over! I’m gonna have to head down there and see it for myself! […]

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Via SwissMiss.

Milk It

Get it at UO.

Kate MacDowell

I’ve seen a lot of environmentally conscious graphic design, and graphic design advocating for organic, sustainable and all around ethical practices, but never art. Even so, I would’ve never expected art for the environment to be this beautiful and eerily peculiar. From her artist statement: “These pieces are in part responses to environmental stressors including […]

Strike a Pose

Zanita is a Model from Australia… So it’s no wonder she’s got posing down to a T, and it doesn’t hurt to be beautiful and stylish! I looked around through many of her previous posts, but this look is definitely my favorite! Visit Zanita’s blog.

All I Want For Christmas (Parte 2)

In the spirit of (a summer) Christmas, I’d like to share with you these insane swimsuits by Australian designers We Are Handsome. Indeed, they are… my favs of course are the critters! Visit We Are Handsome. Via Urban Outfitters’ blog.