Michael Bierut On Design

An AIGA Philly interview with Pentagram’s Michael Bierut. Advertisements

AIGA Small Talk No. 7: Mario Hugo

Yesterday after school, I had quite a nice late afternoon/early evening. I walked around the West Village in the rain, listening to Fleet Foxes, stopped for a while to have a coffee and finally got some reading done (for thesis), then walked some more and stopped by a magazine shop and picked up the new […]

Dance + Graphic Design? I’m there.

I got this in the mail today. “Everybody Dance Now: 20 Years of Dancing in Print” is a survey of the award-winning visual and performing arts magazines Dance Ink and 2wice, designed by Abbott Miller. The exhibition features the magazines’ historic collaborations with dancers, choreographers,’ and photographers, the result of a single, powerful idea of […]

Mario Hugo

Talk about killed ideas. I ran across this post at BOOOOOOOM! today, featuring some of Hugo’s unused artwork for Beck’s “Modern Guilt.” His work is absolutely amazing. I’m so happy I bought my ticket for his AIGA Small Talk already! Check out Mario Hugo’s incredible portfolio.