Anagrama is a design studio in Mexico… Amazing, elegant, delicate typography. LOVE. Advertisements

Salvor Projects

S/S10 Lookbook Gracias, Johann!

What Design Can Do For YOU:

In designer Cardon Webb‘s personal project, cleverly called “Cardon Copy,” he redesigns found fliers, redistributes them in their original environment and asks questions like: How does this affect the message? Will it be more or less effective? Is the intensity magnified? Will the products sell better? One of the most successful ones is the “Exotic […]

Typographic Logo Inspiration

View all 72 here. Via @logocritiques.

Michael Bierut On Design

An AIGA Philly interview with Pentagram’s Michael Bierut.

10 Logo Don’ts

This is some good info to keep in mind while designing a logo! I can specially relate to #10: Presenting a design you don’t want the client to choose If you have a design you don’t want the client to choose, JUST DON’T SHOW IT. All too many times the client chooses the one we […]

Talento Nacional

So now that I’ve been spending some time in Panama, and I’ve rekindled my love and hope for the creative future of this wonderful land, I would like to show off some of my peeps’ work! Marlene Franco is a Panamanian SCAD Alumni like me (Go Bees!), currently based in San Francisco, California. She not […]


Via SwissMiss.

10 type foundries…

…You need to know. Via Fleuron.

Today’s FFFFIND!

Mark Weaver produces my kind of illustrations/collage/design. I think I might buy a print from him. Mark Weaver’s Flickr.