MXD MSG, posted with vodpod A short video to brings us back to reality… even for a little bit! Advertisements

Summer of Love

Illustrations by Saiman Chow.

Bigotes for dogs!

Genius! Mustaches for all dogs!!!!!!! I can definitely see Vito and Mister rocking the ‘stache! Via SwissMiss.

Milk It

Get it at UO.

“Na na na neutra-face”

All I can say is: LOL OMFG LMAO Parts of the lyrics: “I lay it out like they do in magazines Check out this typeface its like smoking nicotine Using Adobe is not the same without a Mac…” “I’ll mock it up, show you what I got” “You’ll read my, you’ll read my, you will […]

TV Posters

Ran into these around FFFFOUND! They’re made by Albert Exergian, there’s no bio info but by the telephone number, seems like he’s from Austria. Damn Europeans!!! I’ve seen a lot of movies made into book covers made into posters made into anything, but these put a smile on my face. Check out Exergian and his […]

Learn Something Everyday

Your new source for useless facts! Hopefuly this will turn me off to chocolate. Learn Something Everyday Via SwissMiss

15 Billboards…

…that don’t belong together, at Buzzfeed.

Business Guys on Business Trips

This is why small design studios rule. View more here. Via SwissMiss.


“Subliminal messages these fonts are feeding you…” By Lars Willem Veldkampf on his Flickr.