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We Love Typography

Rather than spend paragraphs explaining how and what it is, just take a look for yourselves. It’s like an FFFFound for type-related content, a type-themed delicious for the eyes. OMFG! Yay! Visit We Love Typography Via I Love Typography

Today’s FFFFIND!

Via SwissMiss.

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One t-shirt a month for six months; created by talented designers, screen printed on American Apparel shirts. T-shirt Monthly. Via SwissMiss.

Guilty Pleasure

I feel compelled to blog about Dj Elhaam and her show at East Village Radio, Guilty Pleasure. She plays the perfect mix of electro and rock, from all over (and lots from New York), new and old. She also has bands and artists visit her show once in a while, usually the ones that are […]

I did it (myself)!

This is the first of many posts to come about doing something yourself. I recently visited M&J Trimming and Toho Shoji and went a little crazy with studs, chains, eyelets, and sequined tiger patches. I’ve already cut out some leggings, shreded some jeans, and began studding a purse, but for now I just wanted to […]

Take it to the streets

Browsing through Lookbook today, I noticed a link saying “Check us out on!” So… I did! And woah! Its an aggregate of many popular street style blogs!!!! GREAT! More distractions!

You’ve summoned the Fail Whale!

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My brain is going to explode!

Mainly my visual cortex; I won’t be able to take it anymore! There is just so much goodness going around in the creative industry. I think in hard times, creatives produce their best work. Kind of like when I have a deadline coming up and the pressure acts as an inspiration catalyst! Anyway, there are […]

Let’s do this!

Okay, so I’m finally doing it. I’m going to blog. I’m committing myself to posting something or various things every day. I hope who ever is out there reading this will enjoy. There will probably be lots of posts about design, but also about other things I love like fashion, New York, food, partying and random humor. […]