Twiggy, I mean… Mia, I mean… Carey!

Amazing editorial featuring Carey Mulligan, shot by Mikael Jansson. I love the grain!!! Via Fashion Gone Rogue. Advertisements

The Gentlewoman

Official cover for The Gentlewoman Issue 01, from the makers of Fantastic Man. Can’t wait!!! Via Coute Que Coute

Childhood Dreams

Between Stella McCartney for Gap Kids, and now this Ryan McGinley shoot for Purple Magazine… Seems like now is a great time to be a kid! I’m becoming more and more jealous of my nephews and nieces… Via Urban Outfitters’ Blog


Is there nothing this girl can’t pull off? Nope. Zip. Nada. That’s why she rocks! Hmm… I wonder what this ‘do looks like from behind? I want it. V Magazine Issue 62.

El Terrible

A few months ago I was contacted by Rodrigo Fernandez, an artist from Guatemala City, who asked if I would like to participate in a new Fanzine he was launching together with three other artists over at Proyectos UltraVioleta. I agreed (duh!) and submitted the two collage pieces you see above. We really need channels […]

The September Issue

TAR Magazine

This stopped me on my tracks walking back home one day. It’s pretty sick. Tar Magazine in The Cut.

Neon type!

Wonderful neon type treatments in the Spring 2009 issue of V Magazine.