MXD MSG, posted with vodpod A short video to brings us back to reality… even for a little bit!

I’ve got a fever

…and I’ll get along with you

Remember Now

First Tom Ford, now Karl Lagerfeld. Love it… making the world, and the big screen a much beautiful/stylish place 🙂

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox this week, and I loved it! It was a tail of believing in yourself, accepting and loving who you are. It had beautiful photography, a great soundtrack, awesome miniature costume design, action, romance, comedy, drama, suspense… it was cussing amazing! I know how stop action animation is done, but […]

“Na na na neutra-face”

All I can say is: LOL OMFG LMAO Parts of the lyrics: “I lay it out like they do in magazines Check out this typeface its like smoking nicotine Using Adobe is not the same without a Mac…” “I’ll mock it up, show you what I got” “You’ll read my, you’ll read my, you will […]

How tall is he?

Via Le Love.

Super8 is super great!

Currently listening to Little Joy’s debut album, it’s quite lovely… Specially the last track “Evaporar.” Little Joy on MySpace.

Portrait Of The Poet As A Young Man

more about "Portrait Of The Poet As A Young Man", posted with vodpod “Self-portrait” by Xavier “El Poeta”, SCAD Alumni!