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Anagrama is a design studio in Mexico… Amazing, elegant, delicate typography. LOVE.

Sobre la Influencia, Apropriación y Originalidad

En respuesta a varios comentarios que he recibido hablando de originalidad, he decidido escribir un artículo para ilustrarlos un poco sobre historia del arte y la gran influencia que ésta tiene sobre el diseño gráfico. Uno de los movimientos más importantes en todas las artes es el Bauhaus, que en realidad más que un movimiento […]

Typographic Logo Inspiration

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“Subliminal messages these fonts are feeding you…” By Lars Willem Veldkampf on his Flickr.

What a character!

I’d love to have a giant letter like this in my room, just sitting there, on the floor… in a corner. SIGH. When company signs and logos are taken down, they get demolished. We recycle the characters into individual design objects. We dismantle the letters, clean them up, add a new transformer, LED lights and […]

10 type foundries…

…You need to know. Via Fleuron.

Deniz Marlali

Deniz was in my Type 2 class last Fall at Pratt Institute. She always delivered unique, elegant and modern results. This girl is going places! (Well, she’s kind of already at places… but you know what I mean) The image above was our second Type 2 project, a promotional piece for a typeface of our […]

We Love Typography

Rather than spend paragraphs explaining how and what it is, just take a look for yourselves. It’s like an FFFFound for type-related content, a type-themed delicious for the eyes. OMFG! Yay! Visit We Love Typography Via I Love Typography

43 Seconds on 20/20

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